Roof Inspection and Maintenance, Vancouver

Roof Inspection:

A leaky roof could go on for days or even months without being noticed, it is important to have regular roof inspections, as well as learn to identify the warning signs of a leaky roof.

604 FIX ROOF Technician will conduct a rigorous inspection and determine how and where damage, rot, or age has compromised your roof.

604 FIX ROOF Technician will search for moisture spots on ceilings, discoloration, loose wallpaper, peeling paint, and the smell of dampness from the roof down into your home's interior.

604 FIX ROOF Technician will share and catalogue digital photos of the roof and damage with you.

Buying a new home? 604 FIX ROOF Technician can perform a comprehensive inspection of the roof, flashing, gutters, chimneys, and more. Make sure your investment is protected.

604 FIX ROOF visual Inspection includes:

  • Vents, Plumbing stacks, Eaves, Gutters
  • Chimney base and counter flashing, cap/pot
  • Gables, Hip and ridge, Valleys, Vertical/horizontal walls
  • Attic for signs of water infiltration, moisture and rot

604 FIX ROOF will be looking for:

Physical damage of:

  • Roof tiles: missing and/split; blistering roof, missing flashing and vent stacks, missing or deteriorating  storm collars, membrane ridging, separated/dry seams, moss accumulation preventing drainage, plugged drains & gutters, attic condition & ventilation

604 FIX ROOF will use Thermal Imaging and temperature analysis to detect rot

Roof Maintenance Programs

The most effective solution to avoiding future costly repairs and roof replacement

Approximately every 10 years the average home roof is in need of repair. 604 FIX ROOF offers a comprehensive program to maintain the integrity and longevity of your current roof.

604 FIX ROOF Maintenance Program includes:

  • Perform Roof Inspection
  • Remove leaves and loose debris from the roof
  • Clean leaves and debris out of rain gutters
  • Check downspouts and install protective screens in the downspouts as needed
  • Remove and dispose roof debris
  • Thermal Imaging

Flat Fee Inspection Rate:  604 FIX ROOF will provide an inspection of your roof throughout the Greater Vancouver area and on the North Shore. Our fee of $120 + HST will include a full inspection of your roof on your roof and a report including photos of areas of concern.