Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

October 12th, 2014


Having a roof leak can be a disaster for Vancouver homeowners if the problem is not caught and fixed quickly. A leaking roof means water on the inside of your home, not to mention potential structural damage that can become quite costly over time. 

How do you know if you should repair or replace your roof, once it has sprung a leak?

Before you start worrying about the cost and effort involved in replacing an entire roof, consider your options. 

Roof Age 

One of the most important factors in making this decision is the age of your roof. If it is already nearing the end of its useful years, it may be time to skip over the roof leak repair and spring for a full replacement. 


However, for many cases, roof leak repair for Vancouver homes is a more cost effective choice, while still stopping the water problem. Smaller, targeted roof leak repairs on Vancouver homes are budget friendly, and can add years of new life to your home’s roof. 

Patching a damaged roof is an easy method of roof leak repair for Vancouver homes. Damaged shingles can be replaced, seated and sealed to keep water where it belongs — outside! 

Cause of the Damage 

Often, roof leaks occur due to falling outdoor objects or inclement weather. In this case, a simple repair should do the trick, as the roof’s structure should still be in good shape. 

If you are considering roof leak repair in Vancouver you should contact a professional roofer who can inspect your home and give you advice tailored to your specific situation. Roof leak repair for Vancouver homes should be one of your options if you encounter a water problem stemming from your roof, but only a professional roofing contractor can help you make the process simple and offer a long term solution.