Hire a Contractor for Emergency Roof Repair

August 22nd, 2014

leak in roof.jpg

When bad weather comes, nothing can be as frustrating, or potentially disastrous, as a leaky roof in your home. If you have a bad leak and an emergency leak repair is needed, you need an experienced contractor. The temptation to do a quick-fix, possibly in the interest of saving time or money, may actually make the problem worse. 

Understanding the Larger Issues 

Leaks are the result of a compromise in something called the building envelope, which is the foundation, walls, and roof that protect the inside of the building from the elements. A leak coming from the corner of a room means that water has come into the building's interior, and pooled substantially in the spaces between the roof and ceiling as to begin to penetrate through the plaster. Not addressing this problem decisively can result in further damage to the paint, the plaster, even the wood and other structural elements of your home. Even worse, if the leak isn't corrected, additional moisture will follow the path of the leak, over time even in “dry” weather, increasing your risk of mould and rot.

A professional contractor will have the experience to identify and treat the leak at its source. Instead of simply caulking a hole in the ceiling, they will be able to trace any water build up in the roof or a failure of the drainage system. Additionally, a contractor will be able to make recommendations for how you can prevent leaks in the future. 

It's an understandable desire to just do the minimum needed when wet weather brings leaks to your home. But by working with a contractor to fix your emergency leak, you'll have the guarantee of a skilled professional and avoid future leaks and even more expensive headaches in the future.