Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

October 28th, 2014


Sometimes problems with your roof are obvious. If you experience leaking or notice visible damage, you know you need roof repair. However, issues with your roof can often go unnoticed and undetected for a long time, building up into a much bigger problem that will require more extensive and costly repairs. 

Regularly scheduled roof inspections uncover problems quickly and early, putting you in the best position to keep your roof well maintained — roofs are expensive, so you’ll want to protect your investment! Regular roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance extend the lifetime of your roof. 

When to Consider a Roof Inspection 

Annual Checks

It is a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly in order to keep it in good health, but there are also some situations in which you will definitely want to have your roof inspected. 

Roof inspections should be an annual occurrence, at the very least. You may consider doing two inspections per year; once before your most extreme weather season, and once after said season. 

When Buying a Home

If you purchase a new home, a roof inspection ensures you know exactly what you’re buying, so you are not surprised by any leaks, moisture, or damage. This type of roof inspection can also give you a good idea of the remaining lifetime of your roof. 

Replacing Your Roof

If you are considering a roof replacement, schedule an inspection first to find out if your roof can be patched or fixed instead of a full replacement. 

Weather Event

After a major weather event, like a heavy snowstorm or high winds, a roof inspection can uncover any damage or potential weak spots. 

Of course, if you do notice obvious problems with your roof, an inspection is a good place to start in formulating a plan to address and fix the issues. A sagging roof, leaking ceiling, or missing shingles are all signs that you should contact a roof inspection company.